A Disturbing Trend

I know it has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that. I’ve been up to my shoulders in chemistry, calculus, and various other college things.  However, now that I have finished the semester and am on summer break, I have plenty of time to start posting again.

As you all know I just finished my sophomore year in college. Halfway through, woohoo!! This has been a rough year for me because of various social issues I’ve been dealing with. It has been tough for me dealing with all of the complications due to my Asperger’s without accommodations at college.  While dealing with my social problems this past year, I have noticed an extremely disturbing trend. It seems to me that bullying and other cruel behavior towards others has dramatically increased.

This absolutely breaks my heart to see how cruel people are. I have witnessed awful, stereotypical names being used to attack those with disabilities, I have seen people on Facebook and other social media outlets  calling others horrendous names and telling them to go kill themselves, and I have to admit that it makes me sick to see how frequent these occurrences are. It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s as if all compassion has gone right out the window.

It takes everything I have in me to not lecture those people about the hurt that they are causing. I often wonder if people who say these horrible things ever stop and think about the implications of their words. After thinking about it for a while I’ve realized that people today think that they’re free to say anything that they want behind the safety of a computer screen or phone, without having to witness the repercussions of their actions. In order to drive home the effect that these words can have on others, both online and in person, I would like to share my story with you.

I have been bullied my entire life, since I first started school. In elementary school I wasn’t able to make any friends and I was ostracized from the other kids in my class. I was thought of as strange, and my classmates made it clear to me that they thought so.  I was pushed off of slides, called some terrible names, none of the kids wanted to come to my birthday parties, and kids in my classes would even sneak behind the teacher’s back to invite everyone in the class except for me to a party. In middle school things got worse. I was called increasingly terrible names, my classmates would leave their classrooms when I was in the hallway to yell atrocious things to me, rumors spread about me like wildfire, and I still had no friends. I was even told by someone that I could go kill myself and nobody would care. I was so distressed during 6th grade that I began self harming, and when that didn’t help I came very close to attempting suicide.  I ended up transferring schools, and when I began high school I was able to make a few close friends that treated me well. However, a lot of my classmates still called me some terrible names and treated me like a freak. The words that were aimed at me had begun to hurt me even worse. You would think that once I had reached college I would no longer face bullying. You would be wrong. My freshman year of college was terrible. I had people who would find me wherever I went on campus just to attack me with cruel and harsh words. Those who I had considered friends would spread the worst rumors about me that one could imagine. It got so bad that I wouldn’t even leave my dorm room most of the time, in an attempt to avoid as much bullying as I could.

Hopefully my story helps you to realize how significant of an impact “just a few words” can have on someone else. It can make their life miserable, so please, the next time that you think about saying anything remotely cruel towards someone else, consider the impact that it could have upon someone else.

I would also like to announce that I am beginning a new ministry this summer to help kids of all ages deal with bullying, and to teach them how to handle it in a Christian way. This is a topic that has gotten me fired up time and time again, and I am looking forward to helping others by using my less than pleasant experiences.




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