There Is Nothing “Wrong” With Me

In the aftermath of my previous post (An Open Letter to Anti-Vaxxer Parents from an Autistic Woman), I have received a wide variety of insults. I’ve been called names that I cannot repeat here, I have been told that I am a disgrace to science, but the insult that has stuck out the most has been the assertion that my autism is something that is “wrong” with me.

My autism is not a defect. It is not an unfortunate circumstance that just happened one day. It is NOT something that is wrong with me.

No, it is not a flaw in my neurological wiring. It is simply a difference in how I learn and experience the world.

Is there something “wrong” with those who learn differently? Would you tell a visual, kinetic, or auditory learner that there is something “wrong” with them?

If someone, through their senses, perceives the world differently, would you tell them that something is “wrong” with them?

If someone has a different way of coping with the world around them than you, would you tell them that something is “wrong” with them?

Yes, I handle the world differently. Yes, my experience is different than the experience that a non-autistic person has. Yes, I am still a human being, despite what a lot of people say.

But no, there is nothing “wrong” with me- but there is something wrong with your warped view of autism.



9 thoughts on “There Is Nothing “Wrong” With Me

    • You’re exactly right! I’m an Aspie and I find that I cope with it much better when the people around me are positive about it, or acknowledge me as being an equal to them, as opposed to people who just want to put me down and judge me for my flaws, faults, difficulties, whatever you want to call it…. as if I’m the only person in the whole world with difficulties or flaws or faults!

  1. Haters are always gonna hate. Stay strong and know that you are exactly the way that you are supposed to be! You are beautiful. And people like that are the ones who have something “wrong” with them.

  2. I’m sorry you had to listen to these ignorant people! There’s nothing wrong with you at all, my boyfriend is autistic too and it’s awful the things people say. Just remember that you’re awesome 🙂

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